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Every bride wants to be gorgeous on her wedding day.

The following wedding beauty tips will help make sure you'll be ready for this the most photographed event of your life.

To find your wedding beauty style

Collect bridal magazine look at the photos of wedding makeup looks that you love. It's also useful to bring a good picture of yourself so the bridal make-up artist can see how you normally photograph, as this will help establish which features to enhance. Also bring a picture of your wedding dress, and your bridal hairstyle if that has been determined already.

For Perfect Wedding Skin
For beautiful, silky skin for your wedding day, start working on it right after you get engaged.

  • Assessment
  • Facial
  • Daily Routine
  • De-stress

To begin, ask a beauty specialist for an assessment of your skin. Trained bridal beauty specialists are armed with powerful treatments to control the signs of ageing and improve your skins clarity.

Next, schedule a wedding facial. Today's non irritating facials - packed with oxygen, vitamin C, seaweed and essential oils - are great for stimulating the vital functions of the skin. However don't forget the rest of you! Body treatments, like the Power Peel or seaweed body wrap, work wonders on rough spots on the back, chest, elbows and knees.

At home, wash twice a day with a gentle cleanser. Use an a.m. moisturizer with SPF 15 and alpha- and beta-hydroxyl acids to reduce the appearance of fine lines. At night, treat skin to a more intensive moisturizer.

Though it's difficult in these busy days of wedding planning, try to stay calm. Stress triggers the hormones that affect acne. If you feel the tingly sensation that's a sure sign of an imminent breakout, try mixing a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of clean warm water. Soak a piece of gauze in the liquid and use it as a compress on the troubled spot. This should help prevent a small breakout from becoming a large one.

If you do break out the week of the wedding, don't panic. Ask your bridal beauty specialist to administer a mild cortisone injection, which will soothe the inflammation. It's best if the injection is given a few days or a week before the wedding, but it can be done that day in an emergency.

If you plan to use a professional wedding makeup artist, it is recommended to book this service at least four months before the wedding, and to experiment with colours and techniques at least 2 month before the date.

Flawless Wedding Makeup

The number-one thing brides need to know about wedding-day makeup is that there shouldn't be any surprises, you want to look like yourself - but with more oomph!' This generally means that less is more, and on your wedding day you should stay close to your natural look.

  • Colour Rehersals
  • Eyes - Smudge and Water Proof
  • Use subtle lip liners
  • Moistureise Cuticles daily
  • Buff and Shire every few days
  • Polish once a week
  • Choose chip resistant enamel
  • Have acrylics 2 weeks prior to the wedding
  • 6 Months prior start haveing cuts that shape the hair to the desired outcome
  • 6 Months prior start any colour changes that you want to implement
  • Last cut 2 weeks prior to wedding
  • Do not start any new treatment just before the wedding, just in case.
  • Check make up under various lighting conditions

Do colour rehearsals. Try different palettes (taking your wedding gown's formality and style and the wedding's time of day into consideration) and take photos to pick the winning look. Also note the products and shades used so you can duplicate those choices on the big day.

For eyes, think smudge proof and waterproof - tears of joy shouldn't trigger smears of worry. Even if you don't usually wear eye shadow, try adding just a hint of colour for the big day.

Use a lip liner only one shade darker than your lipstick, and blend the liner into your lipstick to prevent the harsh look of an outlined mouth. For stay-put colour, apply lipstick with a lip brush.

Knockout Wedding Nails

Who won't look at your hands on your wedding day? Start now to get them in great shape to show off that ring.

For salon results at home, rub moisturiser into cuticles every night to soothe those ragged edges. Give your nails a buff and shine every couple of days. With the coarse side of an emery board, shape the nail, then use the smoother side to fine tune. Next, use a buffing block to soften ridges on the nail.

Once a week, add polish start with a base coat to fill ridges. For colour, choose long lasting, chip-resistant enamel. Seal with a quick-drying topcoat. To strengthen tips, apply the topcoat underneath the nail as well.

If you're going for acrylic nails, test them two weeks prior to the wedding to prevent allergic reactions.

Gorgeous Bridal Hair
First stop: a consultation with your stylist.

Depending on your lifestyle and hair type, you may need to detoxify the scalp, condition the ends or add moisture. Your wedding stylist can advise you on specific products for your needs.

Determine the basic shape you're going for at least six months before the wedding. Get a trim early on to begin establishing that shape.

If you colour your hair and are happy with the shade, stay with it. But if you think you'd like to change your shade or try colouring for the first time, go ahead - just leave yourself at least a few months to live with a new hue.

Finally, get your last cut about two weeks before your wedding day, as that is when the cut's true shape emerges.

A six-month countdown before your wedding day is recommended to make sure you look as radiant and healthy as possible on your wedding day, but brides who only have a few weeks to prepare can still see some stunning results.

Eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are an essential part of the preparation.

Exercise will give your circulation a major boost and flush away the toxins that cause blemishes in the skin. Aim for 30 minutes of gentle exercise per day.

Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drinking around eight glasses of water a day, reducing your alcohol consumption and cutting out smoking will help prevent your skin from looking dowdy and dull. Try to make sure you get a good night's sleep of about eight hours in the weeks or days before the wedding.

However, there's more to looking good on the day than just being healthy.

"It's important to cleanse, tone and moisturise every day to get rid of any impurities," says Joanne Leah, a beauty therapist of six years who's also a member of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology.

Facials are also recommended as long as you start having them regularly a few months before the wedding. Trying one a few days beforehand is a mistake, as it could lead to a blotchy face.

Getting your hair in shape is also important.

According to the experts you should wash your hair whenever you feel you have to, usually every few days, and make sure it has a deep condition about once a month. This is where the product is combed through and left on for at least ten minutes.

Massaging your scalp with shampoo while washing will stimulate the blood flow and encourage the growth of healthy hair. And when dry, brushing will again stimulate the scalp and also get rid of any dead hair.

Advice from Vidal Sassoon says you should work out well in advance the way you want your hair to look. If you want to have it cut, make sure it's done about a week before the big day. This will make sure your style keeps its shape, but also has time to settle.

Your feet and hands shouldn't be forgotten either. Beauticians suggest a manicure and pedicure at a beauty salon every few weeks before the wedding, which normally includes a foot massage to stimulate the skin.

"At home, you should moisturise your hands daily and soak your feet in warm water for about ten minutes, twice a week," says beauty therapist Rebecca Hale.

"This basically leaves your feet feeling very refreshed, particularly if you use some essential oils, such as peppermint.

"When it comes to nails, it's important to file them two or three times a week and maybe push the cuticles back while you're in the bath."

When it comes to choosing your make-up for the wedding, caution is advised. The temptation might be to let a beautician pile on a lot of expensive make-up which may be totally inappropriate, especially for today's more natural look.

It's also important to know your skin colour. This might seem obvious, but you should check whether your skin is yellow or pink toned. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone exactly, and check it in daylight.

If you are going to be applying your own make-up, beauty guru and professional make-up artist John Gustafson, from BBC's Looking Good Programme, has some sound advice: "Strong, intense shades for lips will be set off by neutral tones on eyes and cheeks.

"Play down eye colours to emphasise your lips. Choose a base eye shade that matches your skin tone and apply all over the eyelid."

He warns against using eyeliner on the top eyelid - it will look dated. And John suggests adding texture to eyes by applying a metallic lustre to the eyelid over a base shade.

Lips are also important on the day itself because of all that smiling, eating and kissing you are likely to be doing.

In order to make your lipstick last longer, apply a layer of foundation and powder to your lips before you put your lipstick on. This will give the lipstick something to grip to.

If you are having a separate evening function, it may be worth reapplying make-up, but don't apply more foundation over old foundation. It will look like rice pudding.

Remove foundation from areas of your face that have seen the most wear and tear. Reapply lipstick and lip gloss.

Finally, don't go to bed in your warpaint. If you don't clean if off at night you'll end up with stained pillow cases and a bad case of spots, which could well be a blemish on your honeymoon as well.

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