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Wedding Bouquet Preservation

When looking for a company to preserve your bouquet ensure that it provides its customers with aesthetically pleasing and artistically designed keepsakes. The craftsmanship and artistic talent displayed in a company's literature and product photography will indicate the standard of beauty, quality and integrity of the piece that the company will produce for you. Consider the professionalism with which the company presents itself when you meet the company for the first time. Remember, in order to receive a keepsake of highest quality, you must not only consider price, but also consider the customer service and design expertise offered by the company with which you are entrusting your precious wedding flowers.

Weding Bouquet Preservation

Bouquet preservation is an art form that is reminiscent of an older generation; Today's designs are elegant, clean and updated.

Bouquet preservation is a process that extracts moisture from the flowers, maintains the flowers dehydrated state and seals the flowers to protect their natural shape. The colours of the flowers deepen and white flowers become more ivory during the process. All flowers can be colour-enhanced after the preservation process and displayed inside an airtight environment, this is an important feature that keeps the flowers within away from everyday environmental conditions that may harm flowers over time.

Extensive selections of design options are available. Brides should be able to customize their keepsake from start to finish, selecting from frame styles, fabric linings and design options, these are practically unlimited, as far as how you want your flowers displayed within the frame.

Check with the preservation company that they will preserve the flowers in an airtight display. If flowers are not displayed in an airtight environment, they will not last more than a few months due to dust and humidity. Humidity is primarily what causes flowers to fall apart over time. Frames and boxes should be virtually airtight, preventing humidity to come into the display, and this will keep the flowers dry and dust free for decades of beauty
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