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In recent years many of the formal traditions of marriage have been relinquish as weddings have taken on a much more personal approach and many aspects of the wedding day celebrations are now specifically tailored to the couple's lifestyles and personalities are more of an expression of each couple's own personal style. This has meant that the range of wedding celebrations and how they take place is unique to every couple, and it can be quite daunting.

Wedding Co-ordinators pride themselves in offering a professional yet caring attitude to planning your special day for you.  They want you to be able to have peace of mind, knowing that they will oversee all the arrangements leaving you to enjoy your special day.

A professional Wedding Co-ordinator specialise only in wedding celebrations and are constantly researching and updating their contacts to ensure that they are always in contact with the people and companies who offer the best services and products in their field, both traditional and contemporary.

Why would I need a Wedding Co-ordinator ? Wedding Planners

Today we are all very busy people and take on too much in our everyday life. Add to that this the pressure of arranging the most important day of your life your wedding day and you have the makings of guaranteed stress.

Getting married is such an important day in your life and you will want it to be the day you've always dreamed of but planning it can be very stressful and time intensive.  Do you find family conflicts are getting in the way of you organising your wedding?  Are too many people giving you 'advice' - let a Wedding Co-ordinator help you.

Using a Wedding Co-ordinator doesn't mean that you are too busy to organise your own wedding.  It actually shows that you want to ensure you are making informed decisions and getting value for money.

Wedding Co-ordinators aim to really understanding everything you have hoped and dreamed of for your wedding day, what you and your fiancé like and dislike, a Wedding Co-ordinator will make certain that they create the wedding day you have always dreamed of whilst keeping you stress and hassle free.

Wedding Co-ordinators can help to source a single supplier, find you a civil or reception venue or fully co-ordinate your wedding day.

A Wedding Co-ordinator can offer a complete wedding planning service by arranging everything for your special day and has contacts with individual companies including wedding florists, wedding caterers, wedding cake makers, wedding civil and reception venues, wedding stationery companies, reception decorator, and many other wedding suppliers.

A Wedding Co-ordinator will aim to ensure that the design and planning of your wedding celebrations and the actual day itself is a fun and exciting experience that everybody will remember with pleasure.

As many couples now extend their wedding celebrations either inviting guests for entire weekends or welcoming them to other functions such as rehearsal dinners, bridal showers and post wedding brunches.

Imagine that with only a few weeks to your wedding day and your wedding dress isn't ready, it is good to know that there is someone on hand to deal with everything, just give the Wedding Co-ordinator your ideas of what you want and they will do the rest! Leaving you free to pamper yourself and arrive on the day totally refreshed.

What does a Wedding Co-ordinator do?

The most important thing to a Wedding Co-ordinator is their relationship with you. Weddings are personal and that is why you are always in control. Whatever style of wedding day you wish to create, Wedding Co-ordinators are passionate about ensuring that your wedding day is perfect in every way ensuring that you and your fiancé relax and have fun from start to finish.

Wedding Co-ordinators focus on providing a professional level of service with attention to detail whether it is a traditional or modern day that you have dreamed of, planning a wedding and all the celebrations that surround it, takes meticulous preparation and organisation. Many couples aren't able to commit the time required or would prefer to have the assistance of a professional during what can be a very emotional and stressful time.

A good Wedding Co-ordinator will work to your requirements. Wedding Co-ordinators are there for you and not the other way round.

A Wedding Co-ordinator should not work to any set package; a good Wedding Co-ordinator will simply shape everything from your requirements. Your Wedding Co-ordinator s will work in the background on the wedding day and make sure that everything runs smoothly to plan. They will liase with all the wedding suppliers and ensure that everything arrives on time and in one piece, with no hitches.

A Wedding Co-ordinator can find suppliers for the usual requirements, such as:

Wedding Venue

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Photographers

Wedding Transport

Wedding Catering

Wedding Cake


To the more unusual, such as:

Real petal wedding confetti

Wedding Crackers

Wedding Fireworks

Wedding Doves – Butterfly Release

Wedding Reception Décor such as Balloons – Ice Sculptures

My chosen venue has a Wedding Co-ordinator, why would I need another?

Many couples feel that if their wedding venue has a Wedding Co-ordinator they do not require anyone from outside this is not always true. It is very important to remember that an "in house" Wedding Co-ordinator is employed by the venue and will work in their best interest. They will also not be involved in all of the other vital planning such as sourcing crucial wedding suppliers, negotiating and over- seeing contracts. Wedding Co-ordinators always work alongside "in house" Wedding Co-ordinator s and make sure that a good working relationship is maintained all throughout the wedding planning process.

Do Wedding Co-ordinators negotiate with the wedding suppliers to get the best price?

A Wedding Co-ordinator will always try and work with professional wedding suppliers that they know and trust. This means that not only do you get a guarantee of good service but also they will often have pre-agreed a discount available to them. Wedding Co-ordinators should always pass this direct to you as their client. A good Wedding Co-ordinator will also shop around to get you the best possible price. They will obtain quotes, availability of wedding suppliers and examples of various wedding suppliers work for you to look at always leaving you to make the final decision.  A good Wedding Co-ordinator will pass on all discounts that are negotiated on your behalf, in order to minimise the cost to yourself for their services.

How often will you have meetings with your Wedding Co-ordinator?

This is up to you, their client. Most of the organisation can be achieved remotely and you may only have one or two meetings with your Wedding Co-ordinator. During the first few months' clients find that there is daily contact and then it may be very quiet for a few months before the final months prior to the wedding day itself. At least a month before the wedding most Wedding Co-ordinators like to arrange a meeting to discuss all the final arrangements, this can be either in person or on the phone.

Will the Wedding Co-ordinator be there on your Wedding Day?

Your personal Wedding Co-ordinator will be there to oversee your wedding day and likes to remain actively involved in overseeing everything. Also your personal Wedding Co-ordinator should have an assistant that is fully briefed on your wedding details and on hand to deal with any events that need to take them away from your wedding venue. This of course is agreed with the client beforehand.

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