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The typical favour is five sugared almonds tied together in a pouch.
These symbolise the sweet (sugar) and bitter (almond) aspects of life.

The five almonds represent health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity.

Wedding FavoursAlternative Wedding Favours

Candles Favours: Candles are available with your names and wedding date printed on them

Terra Cotta Pots: Miniature terra cotta pot candles can be scented and tied with tulle and decorated with a flower.

Watering Cans: Using a small-galvanised tin watering can that is just the right size to place a candle inside. Then, tie a small ribbon around the watering can handle to spruce it up. Print up some clear labels with your names and the date of your wedding on and put those directly onto the watering cans.

Brandy Glasses with Candles: The brandy glasses' shape yields a beautiful outline for the candle inside and ribbons can easily be tied to the glasses' stems.  For an extra touch and a bit of sparkle attach two gold coloured rings to the ribbon by the bow.

Personalized Chocolate Bars: All you need to do is melt down chocolate; use a heart shaped chocolate mould, put in a Lolly stick, freeze--and there you are!! Pop into a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon. This can be done months in advance.

Lottery Ticket: To make favours more interesting why not including a scratch-off lottery ticket. This is a very inexpensive favour and it is a lot of fun when everyone scratches at the same time.

Flower Bulbs: For an early spring wedding, individually wraps bulbs in cellophane and tie with ribbons that matched your wedding colours. The guests can take their bulbs home and plant them, enjoying the flowers at home. A perfect reminder of your special day for years to come.

Sapling Trees: Little sapling trees for people to take home and plant. They come in tubes, and can be decorated with raffia ribbon tied around the tubes in your wedding colours.

Flower Seeds: Design an envelope the size of a seed packet and filled the envelopes with wildflower seeds.  You can include an instruction paper and put it inside the envelope reading, "Spread the seeds of our love with us." Perfect for a garden theme wedding.

Fortune Cookies: Fortune cookies with personalized fortunes are very inexpensive.

Personalized Golf Tees: Personalized golf tees printed with your names and wedding date put them in tulle with chocolate golf balls. You could add a card to read:

Now we're linked;
we've stopped puttering 'round
And our lives are fore-ward bound
You've joined us to celebrate and filled us with glee
To say thanks, we share this tee
As we go on our married fair way
We'll always remember this special day.

Small Picture Frames : Picture frames with poems as favours. Pick out several poems on love and marriage and put these in the frames. Your guests will be able to take them home and display them as is. Or, if they prefer, they can remove the printed saying and put in something (a picture) of their own.

Shot Glasses: Shot glasses with your names and wedding date engraved on them.

Bookmark: A very sentimental and very inexpensive favour is a bookmark. You can even make them at home. All you need is paper, a printer, string, and a picture (optional). You could also laminate them, but that's your choice! Anyway, you could write things like this...

"We thank you
friends and neighbours
And relatives so dear,
For your congratulations
And for your presence here.
The memory of these happy hours
You've shared with us today,
Will linger on throughout the years
And ever with us stay."

Then you can write your names with the wedding date underneath!!!

Wedding Magnet: It's really simple and inexpensive! All you need is a sheet of business cards and magnetic, adhesive backing for business cards (sold at office stores). Print your names, the date of your wedding (and place if desired) onto the business cards, on your computer. Then put the cards on the adhesive and you have magnets! 

Tape Cassette or CD: Make a cassette tape or a CD of all your favourite songs. Then, decorate the cover with a colour photocopy of yourselves or any other design. 

Caricatures: For something unique, hire a caricature artist to do caricatures of all our guests. Each couple or family will receive a caricature of themselves with your names and wedding date at the bottom.

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