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Wedding Fireworks

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A firework display at your wedding is the perfect end to your perfect day.

Wedding firework displays have become increasingly popular for couples wishing to make their special day even more memorable. A firework display is the perfect way of bringing your wedding day to a spectacular and dramatic end, from a simple finale to signal the departure of the bride & groom to a full display fired to your favourite piece of music.
With a professional firework company organising your event, you are guaranteed a successful and impressive show.

Wedding Fireworks

So what happens once I book my firework display?

When booking a firework display a professional company should include a site inspection in the price. This is where skilled professionals visit the display site and use their experience to select the firing position that will give the crowd the best possible view of the display. Wind direction and other safety factors are also taken into account.

On the big day the firing crew will arrive sometime in the afternoon (or morning depending on the size of the display) to set up the necessary firing racks.

All systems should be tested thoroughly and a barrier placed to show guests how close they can safely come.

When it comes to firing the display at the agreed time, the chief pyrotechnic will let you and your guests know. You can then watch your firework spectacular unfold before you!

When it is all over, a professional company will take care of clearing any debris that may have fallen and pack up the racks on the night.

Wedding Firework DisplayHere are some top tips used by the professionals to make your display more lively, artistic and professional.

Firework display's above water- the reflection gives you twice the light for your fireworks!

Backlighting - the darker the background to your display, the more spectacular it will look.

Multiple Fountains - for a bouquet of sparks and fire, set off several fountains together but remember to be safe and keep them vertical.

Firework Sets - rockets look good on their own, but set them off in twos or more together to dramatically increase your display.

A single ignition display - this will give 1000 times the continuity as a few small, separate fireworks of the same price and save you the work of lighting each one..

Be safe - this should always be the main priority of a display of any size. When you are hiring a firework company to do a display check out their safety record and that they have the correct public liability insurance policy.

Pricing - prices quoted by the firework company should be fully inclusive and include fireworks, setting up of display, public liability insurance, and notification letters to the relevant emergency services.

A professional firework company should undertake to ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled on your behalf. Once all the details for your display have been finalised the firework company should supply you with a standard contract and ask for a deposit to secure your booking.
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