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To make your visit to the florist the most productive, do some preparation ahead of time. Here are a few tips:

  • Look through books and magazines for flowers, bouquets, table centrepieces and decorations. Take with you pictures of the items that you like. Many times it is easier to show the florist what you like instead of trying to explain it.
  • Take along pictures of your wedding dress and your bridesmaid dresses. Then, your florist can better recommend styles of bouquets that will compliment the gowns.
  • If you have fabric swatches for the bridesmaid dresses, bring them too! There are so many shades of just pink - so a swatch can really help the florist in selecting the right flowers.
  • If you don't know a lot about flowers... do some research ahead of time. You can surf the web or visit a "bucket shop" - they're located in the larger cities or high traffic areas. These flower stands have many buckets of flowers with the name and price labeled on each bucket. This is a great way to become familiar with the different varieties of flowers and how much they cost.
  • If you haven't visited the ceremony or reception venue recently, you may want to take another look. It will help you to visualise how large and how many arrangements you'll need. Photograph these areas to assist the florist.

Here are some specific items to think about regarding your wedding flowers...

The Bride Bouquet Wedding Florists

Is there a particular style of bridal bouquet that you like?

•  Round Cluster Bouquet
Round in shape and usually smaller than the other styles. It can be created with all the same variety of flowers or a mix. A popular version of this bouquet is the tight round cluster in white or pastel pink roses. This type of bouquet usually has very little greenery.

•  The Hand-tied or Lose-tied Bouquet
A little less formal than the others. It gives the illusion of a "just picked" bouquet of spring flowers tied loosely with delicate ribbon or lace. The bouquet is put together with a variety of different types of flowers. In this bouquet, the flowers can actually have some movement, or just the appearance of being free flowing. It all depends on the preference of the bride.

•  Cascade Bouquet
The most traditional and formal style for the bridal bouquet. As the name implies, it resembles a cascade or waterfall with the flowers flowing downward. Traditional wedding flowers used in the cascade bouquet are white and include roses, stephanotis, white or calla lilies, and mingled with some greenery. The bouquet has the appearance of being loose and free flowing.

  • Do you want an all white bouquet or one with colour? Bright colours or pastels?
  • Do you want an extra bouquet for tossing?


Maid of Honour, bridesmaids & flower girl

  • Are there any styles, colours or types of flowers that you would like for their bouquets?
  • Do you want a bouquet or a basket of flowers for the flower girl

Groom, Best Man, Ushers & Ring Bearer

  • What type of flowers for the Buttonholes ?
  • Colour of the flowers?
  • How many do you require?
  • Don't forget fathers and grandfathers!

Mothers and Grandmothers

  • Any particular colour or style of corsage ? Examples: pin, wrist or a small hand held bouquet
  • How many corsages will you need?

Ceremony Decorations Wedding FLowers

  • Do you want aisle or pew decorations?
  • Do you want floral arrangements for the altar?
  • Do you need other decorations for the ceremony?
  • Do you want an aisle runner?

Reception Decorations

  • Style, colour and type of flowers for the table centrepieces?
  • Do you want flowers for the cake?
  • Do you want any floral arrangements to go next to the favours, guest book or table seating cards? What about buffet table? Bar?
  • Any other decorations or floral arrangements (i.e. stair case, fire place, mantel?
  • Are there any large areas that need decorating? (i.e. rental of tree shrubs)

Also Consider

  • Do you want table centrepieces for the rehearsal dinner?
  • What about sending thank you bouquets for parents?
  • Floral headpieces for bride, bridesmaids or flower girl?

Bridal Bouquet Basics

Wedding BouquetA beautiful and fragrant bridal bouquet is the perfect compliment to any bridal attire. The bridal bouquet should enhance the beauty of the gown, but not overpower it.

A "traditional" bridal bouquet is designed with all white flowers so that it does not draw attention away from the bride and her wedding gown! However, there is an increasing trend toward adding colour to the bridal bouquet from soft pinks and pastels to fuchsia and ruby reds.

The bridal bouquet should compliment the personal style of the bride as well as the overall theme and atmosphere of the wedding. So, if hot pink suits your personality…there should be nothing stopping you!

Bridal bouquets come in all colours, shapes and styles. It's best to work with a reputable florist who can design a bouquet that's just right for you. Here are some of the basic designs for bouquets…

•  Select flowers that are in season . This will keep costs down tremendously. Consider purchasing silk flowers if you have your heart set on a flower that is not in bloom.

•  Some brides choose silk flowers because they are usually less expensive than fresh flowers and the bouquet can be kept and displayed in their home after the wedding.

•  Select flowers that will hold up for the entire day . Particularly if you are taking pictures before the ceremony or outside, you want to make sure that you select flowers that will hold up to the sun and wind and still look gorgeous when you walk down the aisle. Another option is to use a bouquet holder, which will keep your flowers hydrated with water for most of the day.

•  Don't let your bouquet overwhelm you . A beautiful waistline will be covered by a large, cascading bouquet. If you are petite, the weight of a large bouquet could become a problem during the ceremony. Consider your gown and your stature before making selections.

•  Show the florist what you like . Don't just tell your florists the gowns are "pink"... bring in fabric swatches if at all possible. (I mean, there are probably more than 50 different shades of pink!)

Cut out magazine pictures of bouquets you like and some that you don't. This will give your florist a really good feel for your particular tastes.

•  Select flowers with special meaning. Most flowers have a specific meaning. For example, ivy means fidelity, friendship and marriage, violets mean modesty and hope, zinnias mean thoughts of absent friends, jasmine is for happiness and tulips mean enchantment

Here are some great tips to help you in selecting your florist. 

First, before you begin your appointment with the florist, look around their shop...

•  What is the decor of the shop like?

•  Is it nicely and creatively decorated?

•  Do they have interesting floral arrangements?

•  Do they use unique vases or baskets in their arrangements?

Next, look in the cooler...

•  Do the flowers look fresh?

•  Do they have interesting varieties of flowers or just your standard roses or carnations.

Remember, you're not just buying flowers… your buying CREATIVITY and STYLE of the floral designer.

Your florist should listen and offer ideas and suggestions.

Here are a few questions you should ask your florist...

  • Ask to see photographs of other weddings done by the florist. Do they look different or do the arrangements all look the same? You're looking for creativity and style. Be sure to tell the florist what you like and what you don't like about certain arrangements.
  • Ask about their service the day of the wedding . Who will be setting up the day of the wedding? Ask how many weddings are done in one day. Ask if they are familiar with both the ceremony and reception location. If not, can they make arrangements to visit them prior to the wedding?
  • Ask about delivery and set up times . This is especially important when it comes to the hotter weather. If the flowers are dropped off too early they can wilt and won't stay fresh throughout the entire reception.

When you choose your florist, make sure that your contract or receipt details :

  • ALL of the arrangements, bouquets and any other decorations that the florist is to provide.
  • A detailed description of the colour and variety of flowers to be included in the bouquets and floral arrangements. You don't want to ask (and pay for) roses and end up with carnations and lilies.

Make sure delivery time and the number of hours of set up time is specified in your contract or on your receipt.

The last words of advice...try and find a florist who's style (and price) you like. Be specific about your tastes and what you want. Don't just say I'd like a bouquet that's white with roses. There are so many different styles, shapes and sizes, you don't want to be disappointed when you open the box!

Looking for a Quality Florist in Your Area?

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