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Wedding Ice Sculptures

Wedding Ice-carvings and ice-sculptures can be a stunning centrepiece for your reception. We hope that the following points will be useful to help you plan the wedding reception.

How long will my Wedding Ice Sculpture or Ice carving Last?

In a room or even outside, wedding ice sculptures will retain their detail for around 6 hours... or the length of the average function. It is quite normal for the sculpture to take a couple of hours to reach zero degrees C at which point it then begins to melt. Wedding Ice Sculpture

Can I eat the ice?

An unusual question but one worth putting to the company you choose to supply your Ice carving if you have the type of family that will use it as an overgrown lollypop! Another consideration is that the Ice-sculpture can make a stunning centrepiece for a shellfish platter.

How big are they?

Usually about a metre high although any size can be catered for. Generally the larger the sculpture, then the longer it will last and although fine detail can be carved into the work, it is generally advisable for you to stick to sturdy shapes. Wedding Ice carvings and sculptures can weigh between 6-23 stone so must be placed on a strong location.

Where does all the water go?

Drip trays are supplied with most wedding sculptures (underlit trays for table centre-pieces being the exception) which normally runs a tube into a bucket that is concealed below the table that the sculpture is placed on. The trays can be attractive in themselves and clear ones will match any colour scheme. Trays should be supplied with plentiful ice cubes to add to the stunning visual effect that your wedding Ice-carving is there to create. It is also a source of ice for your guests to dip into as the evening progresses.

How much notice is needed?

Most companies prefer to have bookings 6-12 months in advance- but if you need ice sculptures at shorter notice it should not be a problem If t s left to the last minute you might not get the full range of choices that are available to customers with more foresight. To get the ultimate chill try out ice glasses

Ice Luge

Pronounced with a soft 'g' the Luge is an ice sculpture that has spirit poured though the top of the carving through a specially drilled hole chilling all the way down until reaching the waiting glass or mouth! Luges may have a bottle holder drilled into them and the bases often contain ice cubes for the guest to further fill their drinks with.

Ice Shot Glasses

Ice shot glasses are perfect for catching the drink as it tumbles from the ice luge, or simply for imbibing chilled spirit poured straight into the glass.

Ice shots can also be used as 'depth charges'- not recommended by health professional! to try this simply pour your tipple into the ice shot and then drop it into a pint glass of lager, bitter, stout or pretty much anything!

Another idea for these glasses are Greek style weddings which saves on clearing up the broken plates.


What styles Of Ice carvings and Ice Sculptures are available?

Entwined Hearts

Kissing Swans

Wedding Cakes



Love Birds

Heart and Arrows

Vase and Pillar


Ice Cylinder with Flower

Swan on Heart

Champagne Bottle




Leaping Salmon



Taj Mahal

Big Ben

And the list goes on!.........


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