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More and more people are choosing to have a magician for their special day,
as it is often a unique and refreshingly different way to entertain the
guests. Although for most of us magic is synonymous with children’s parties,
there are specialist fields.

Children’s Entertainment
Close-up / Mix and Mingle
Cabaret / Illusion

Although there is some overlap with performers it is advisable to get a
specialist in the field that suits your occasion best. Hiring ‘Dr Chuckles’
to entertain may not be as popular with your adult guests as he is with the

Children’ Entertainment

During the big day there may well be occasions where the little ones are
restless. Hiring a good kiddies entertainer may well be the answer. This
could be whilst the speeches are in progress or the long gap between the
wedding breakfast and reception. It is best not to do this during photos, as
any child having to ‘miss out’ on the fun for a ‘picture with the aunties’
might get upset! It may also be advisable, where possible, to have a
separate room for them.

Most important of all… get references and meet before the big day! Sadly
these days caution is always required.

Close-up / Mix and Mingle

By far the most popular form of magical entertainment and probably most
suitable for a wedding day. Magic right under your nose, right in your
hands! Provided you get the right sort of professional this could blow the
guests away! The average children’s magician will offer this service, but
for something really special you will need a specialist.

ALWAYS see them first!

There is no substitute for vetting the performer first. Ask for
testimonials. If possible, speak to previous clients.

So is Close-up Magic right for you?

The best time for this is either during photos or pre evening entertainment
(i.e. as an icebreaker) between say 7 and 9. Some choose to have table
magic during the wedding breakfast, although the guests will probably prefer
to chat and eat rather than ‘pick a card’. Best time: before the disco!

Cabaret / Illusion

If you want a friends head on the guillotine, or your wife sawn in two, this
may be for you!

This form of magical entertainment tends to either be comedy based, or
mentalism (there are exceptions). Costing considerably more than the
alternatives this is really for your die hard, old fashioned, magic fans.

BUT… if you find someone really good… pass the name on!

Key Point

Whoever you choose, make sure YOU like them first. This is YOUR wedding day.
Meet them in advance and see what they do. Make sure YOU get the very best

Useful Links: - The Magic Circle without doubt the most prestigious Magic club in the UK. - The international Brotherhood of Magicians The I.B.M. is the world's largest organization for magicians boasting nearly 13,000 members worldwide.


Many thanks to James Brown for this article