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Choosing a Wedding Marquee

As with all things in life a recommendation from a trusted source such as a friend or relative is always the best way to source a supplier. The only caveat to this is that the experience should be recent. Even with a recommendation it is worth getting a quote from at least two other companies. Most reputable companies will freely give advice and provide you with a budget costing in writing, together with pictures and details of their goods and services.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when getting a quote

  • Make sure that the quote is for an equivalent service. Are you also hiring lights - heating - toilets - lining - linen - catering - tables & chairs? The cost of these related services can make the difference between otherwise similar looking quotes.
  • Book a site inspection so that any difficulties of access or location can be resolved before the day itself.
  • Agree dates when the Wedding Marquee will be erected / dismantled.
  • Don't feel pressurised to sign up on the day you get the quote. Reputable companies will give you time to consider your choice.

Are there many types of wedding marquees?

Yes and the choice is increasing, including:

•  Frame Tents - Aluminium frame tents have no centre poles or guy ropes. The beauty of this is that they can be erected on any surface and they can also be attached to buildings. Frame Tents are very stable and can span wide areas e.g. patios, flower beds or decking. Normally made of PVC these tents can heat up quickly in warm weather but removing the side walls can provide the necessary ventilation.

•  Traditional Pole Marquees These traditional Marquees really look the part for the classic Marquee Wedding. While they look the part they are less versatile than frame tents because the Wedding Marquee Canvas is under tension through centre poles, side poles and guy ropes which are attached to steele ground pegs hammered into soft surfaces (lawn or field). Obviously they cannot be located on hard surfaces or adjacent to buildings. On the plus side Canvas "Breaths" and will keep your guests cooler than a PVC Frame tent.


• Modular Pagodas These can be easily joined to make attractive multiple peaks and come into their own for smaller wedding parties, champagne bar or entrances to your main wedding Marquee.

•  Capri Marquees Stylish and modern these futuristic Marquees give a stunning façade and come in various sizes. While not as widely available as the other types of Wedding Marquee they do make a statement and can be enclosed as well as open sided.

How do I know I'm getting value for money?

When dealing with companies and looking for comparisons make sure that you are comparing like for like. There are a huge range of types and even more importantly quality with regard to Wedding Marquees. If possible go and see the marquee either where it is stored or preferably erected on location. This will tell you exactly what you are getting.

Reputation is the best indicator Most marquee companies are reliable and honest, and charge fairly for the work. When comparing quotes check the small print. A cheap quote may not include things that are standard with other companies that you are getting quotes from.

What else do I need for my Wedding Marquee?

Flooring - Matting is a minimum and for Wedding Marquees situated in wet or soft ground, and for all winter weddings, boarded flooring is recommended if there is an incline specialised flooring may be needed.

Wall liners give that quality feel to your marquee and some companies will be able to colour co-ordinate the Wedding Marquee Liner to suit the theme of your wedding. Styles vary from plain to pleated with swags and poles can be dressed to match.

Lights may be run from a generator and wedding marquee lights come in various styles from chandeliers to star light netting. Also check to see if any lighting is need outside of the marquee to help your guests enter and exit.

You may also need a generator to power a band or disco.

Tables and chairs also come in a variety of styles with kidney shaped tables becoming more popular for the top table.

Linen for the Wedding Breakfast can be hired in colours to complement your theme.

Dance floors are also a must if you want the wedding to Swing!

Toilets come in various styles from basic builders loo's to some incredibly stylish toilet blocks some even come themed!

Heating is worth the expense in all but the hottest of summer evenings and modern heaters can keep a Marquee comfortable even in the depths of winter. Best advice is to organise one and check the long range weather. You can always cancel if it is not needed, usually without charge.

Many Marquee companies work closely with caterers and they can be a useful source of information.

Where can Marquees be situated?

Modern marquees can be erected on any surface, just as long as there is some means of anchoring, even for aluminium frame marquees. All types of surface can be covered, uneven surfaces can be leveled out with a standard boarded floor, while slopes and troughs will require a specialised raised floor.

Will the Wedding Marquee damage my lawn?

No not by itself, and flooring will preserve the grass but on soft or wet lawns the entrances and exits are likely to become muddy. The good news is that grass is amazingly resilient stuff and usually grows back stronger within a couple of months

Should I cut the grass?

The aim is to erect the marquee on as dry a surface as possible to limit condensation and damage to the lawn so cut the grass a couple of days prior to the Wedding Marquee being erected to allow it to dry out.


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