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Wedding - Menswear - Formal Hire

Whether you opt for the classic 3 piece suit or a modern collarless jacket and trousers your job as groom is to set off and not compete with your beautiful bride. If you are getting married in the height of summer you should be looking at either a light (9 ounce) wool or even a lightweight linen suit. If you want that fantastic tailored look it will have to be made to measure. If the budget is the top priority then off-the-peg will be where you are heading. Colours that work will be subtle rather than bold, complimentary rather than clashing. These can then be accessorized with sharper colours for a modern yet elegant look.

Is it possible to co-ordinate my waistcoat, tie and handkerchief to go with my fiancée's dress if I'm not allowed to see it?

You might be able to see the dress but there is no reason why you can't have a sample to take with you to the tailors. Hand the sample over and ask your tailor what they recommend. A decent tailor will have years of experience in the industry and will have a deep understanding of colour coordination. Let him guide you to colours and cuts and styles that will work in harmony with the Brides Dress.
Don't go over the top with matching. If you are too uniform your own personality will disappear one way is to choose a patterned waistcoat, in keeping with the general colour theme of the wedding, and then highlight the main colour - usually worn by the Bridesmaids - by wearing a plain cravat or tie, and handkerchief. For the traditionalists wearing a Morning Suit, then cravats should only be worn by the Groom and Best Man. If getting married in winter a high-necked waistcoat will stop the cravat from flapping around in the wind.
While it is traditional for the bottom button on your waistcoat to be left undone few people bother with this convention anymore.

What men's wear is available for weddings?

As every wedding site will tell you Morning Suits are the traditional attire for the Groom and main male members of the wedding party. Things have changed however and there is now an exciting choice of styles for the modern groom here are a few of the main ones:-

  • Traditional Morning Suit with Top Hat

  • Knee length Frock Coats are a modern alternative to a standard suit jacket and may be worn with cravat, tie, string tie, open collar or buttoned up

  • Nehru Jacket, This is the Asian inspired collarless top, which has become increasingly popular over recent years and manages the clever balancing act of looking Classy, Cool and individual all in one go

  • If you are of Scottish Highland stock, you can look up your family tartan and grace your wedding in Kilt and sporran. Make sure you get it all though, the woolly socks and Dirk (traditional symbolic knife) the

  • As the land of the traditional British reserve it is not uncommon for Men to wear their favourite work suit - if you have a smart well fitting suit, why let it go to waste? Pinstripes always look good, especially on men of ample girth, as the vertical stripes give the impression that the person wearing it is slimmer that is actually the case.

  • For a winter wedding, it is possible to be a little bolder with regards to the colours, you can choose between deep reds, greens or blues. Summer Weddings lend themselves to lighter colours - why not get a lemon yellow or lime green suit to really make a splash and be the talk of the day (though you had better not steal the limelight from your intended!)
  • Whatever you choose, ensure that it goes with the colour scheme of the wedding. You may want to make an impression, but remember the photos will last a lifetime.

How late can I leave it before I get my suit?

Stop being such a typical man and sort it out! It is advisable to start your shopping well in advance of the wedding, especially if you are having items tailor-made. Bespoke tailored items, can take months to prefect. The other thing to remember is that alterations take time, this is true for hiring as well as bespoke items and wedding service providers get very busy in the middle of the season. If hiring your attire, choose a firm with experience in men's wear hire, they then should be able to advise you on the fit of different suits, fabrics and styles..
Buy your shoes at least a couple of months before the big day and wear them in otherwise you will really wish that you had! The wedding day is a long day; just take a moment to imagine what it would be like to have a pair of shoes rubbing or giving you blisters by lunch time. You then have the rest of the day to regret not having worn them in!

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