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The key to selecting the right venue for your wedding is to ask the right questions. There is nothing worse than to find out something that affects your day when it is too late to change any thing. Listed below is a collection of common questions for you to quiz the wedding venue with. Use the relevant ones and ditch the rest. Alter the order of the list to fit to what is important to you.

You can print this page out to use as a check list when sourcing your venue.

Wedding Venue Questions

  • Is your venue available on the required date?

  • What are the options and costs for the various wedding packages that you offer?

  • Is your venue licensed to carry out civil weddings?

  • If you do hold a license for civil ceremonies, what authority do you come under and can you supply names and contact details for the registrar?

  • Is our wedding the only wedding at your venue on our wedding day and will you guarantee that we will be the only wedding party on that date?

  • How many people can you accommodate in the reception room?

  • How many car parking spaces are available for guests? wedding car

  • Will you reserve car parking spaces for the bridal party?

  • Do you allow confetti to be thrown at the wedding venue?

  • Do you allow candles to be lit in the wedding reception room?

  • Do you provide maps or any other help on getting to the wedding venue?

  • Do you allow professional firework displays at your wedding venue?

  • Do you offer the option of a marquee?

Room Questions

wedding venue

  • Are there separate rooms provided for the wedding, reception, meal, evening reception, etc?

  • Is there a room provided for the use of "bride and groom" for the day?

  • Is there a dressing room that the bride and bridesmaids can use prior to the ceremony?

  • From what time will the room be available for setting up with regard to flowers, balloons and other décor?

  • If the evening reception is being held in a room that is being used for something else earlier in the day, do you require the DJ/Band to set-up their equipment beforehand?

  • Is there an area that could be used as a crèche if needed or do you provide crèche facilities?

  • Is there a quieter area for older guests to get away from the noise of a band/DJ?

  • If rooms are available for overnight accommodation,
    • How many?
    • What are the costs for overnight accommodation?
    • Is breakfast included?
    • What is the checkout time the following day?
    • Do you have a room where you are able to store wedding presents until you are able to collect them and are you insured for any loss or damage to these presents?
    • Can we book a block of rooms and when will you need confirmation and deposit?

Catering Questions

wedding reception venue

  • Do you have internal catering or can we bring our own?

  • Can you supply examples of suggested menus along with prices?

  • Do you include a cake stand and knife if required?

  • Can we choose the order of service (when and where we cut the cake)?

  • What time do you close the bar?

  • Is there a time that the event must finish by?

  • Do you insist on supplying the wine and champagne and if not what are your corkage costs?

Extra Questions

  • Do you have a Public Address (PA) system that can be used for speeches?
  • What happens if it rains?
  • What locations are available for the wedding photographs?
  • Can we have exclusive use of this area for as long as we need?
  • Do you supply or can you recommend a DJ or Band and can we have a demo disk to listen to?
  • Do you have special arrangements with, or details of local hotels for guests to stay at?
  • Do you have any arrangements with local cab companies that offer a reasonably priced and reliable service?
  • Where can we put any entertainment during the void between the afternoon and evening receptions (casino, magician, etc)?
  • What decoration do you supply for the wedding reception?
  • If we begin to run late, how will your staff help us to ensure we are still able to make the most of our big day?
  • Is it OK for our services to visit the wedding venue beforehand to get an idea of what they can expect on the day?
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