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Wedding StationeryThe first thing to consider when thinking about the kind of stationery you would like for your wedding is the style of your day.  Do you want Modern and Contemporary? Traditional and Formal, or Simple and Pretty Craft style Wedding Stationery. There are so many suppliers to choose from, it can be quite confusing choosing the correct style for your day.  

A quality Stationer will talk to you about your requirements, and advise on what they may have to offer you from their range.  A lot of Stationery providers now have websites, and the good quality suppliers will have close up images of their ranges on-line for you to see.   Any good quality Stationery provider will be helpful, efficient with their customer service, and send information and any requested samples in a timely manner. 

Wedding Stationary

The samples should also be of a high quality card, whether it is Invitations, Order of Services, Menus RSVP's or any other items. A quality Stationer will also provide matching sets in particular designs, so that your chosen design is available for all your wedding items. e.g.. Invitation, Order of Service, Menu, RSVP and Thank You cards.   They will also be able to compile the insert to your specification, with options for your chosen font style, wording and layout.  A good stationer will always be flexible to your requirements.  

Be aware of hidden extra costs. Some Stationers will charge extra for envelopes, (you shouldn't have to pay extra for the envelope!), and extra for decorative features on the cards themselves.  Good stationers will not add these costs, as they are part of the card.  You would not buy a card in a shop without the matching envelope?!  

It is always a good idea to order your Wedding Stationery early, to prevent last minute panics.  It is advisable look for a good quality stationery supplier 9 months ahead of your Wedding Date, and order as soon as you are happy with the quality of samples, and the customer service.
Many thanks to Wedding Stationery by Kirsten Dunn for this Article
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