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Wedding ToastmastersWedding ToastmasterWhether your wedding is a traditional one with all the trimmings or a small intimate affair, you will want it to run smoothly and be anxiety free . Engaging a toastmaster helps to take the worry from the wedding party particularly the bride's mother as he controls proceedings from the arrival at the Reception; or if a Civil Ceremony from before the ceremony. A toastmaster performs many functions, dressed in his scarlet coat he brings that extra presence to the occasion. He controls events, calling the groups together for the photographer, running the receiving line, introducing the cake cutting and all the speeches, calling the toasts and much more. He will ensure that all the plans for the day are carried out correctly, in a relaxed but efficient manner and will deal with any unforeseen problems in the same professional way. The wedding party can therefore relax and enjoy the day to the full.

It is important to book your toastmaster well in advance of your wedding in order to make the most of the service he can provide. He will visit you at your home to discuss your particular needs and requirements and from then on is available for advice. On the day he will act as the coordinating link with all the other professionals up to the first dance: reception venue, catering company, photographer, videographer, band/DJ and others, ensuring your day runs effortlessly to the successful conclusion you dreamed of.


Trade associations and useful links: Toastmasters International Primarily amateur speakers The International Federation for Professional Speakers Exclusively professional speakers The Guild of Professional Toastmasters All toastmasters have been trained within the Professional Toastmasters' Academy. Professional Speakers Association represents "Experts who speak for a living," who are based in the UK and Europe. The Association of The U.K. School of Professional Toastmasters The association consists of ladies and gentlemen who have undertaken an intensive period of training with the UKSPT in the skills and expertise of the Toastmaster. The Institute of Toastmasters of Grat Britain The Institute of Toastmasters of Great Britain was founded in 1972. The membership of the Institute is made up of a group of some of the most experienced toastmasters in the UK The National Association of Toastmasters Dedicated to maintain the highest standards of the profession and to provide support and training for its members. They were the first body of toastmasters to introduce entrance examinations for membership based on knowledge of etiquette and protocol. English Toastmasters Association The Federation of Professional Toastmasters Every member is a trained professional, fully conversant with all functions requiring a high standard of knowledge, accuracy, dignity and control presented with quintessential British traditional style and elegance. The Toastmasters Guild The London Guild of Toastmasters is an association of Professional Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies. They officiate at many functions where correct etiquette is required They have all undertaken a recognised training course and practised their skills for at least two years. The National Association of Toastmasters Training Scheme Independant Toastmasters Association

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