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The very best way to ensure you have a reliable and professional company for your wedding transportation is by a recommendation from a friend who has used their services before, however this is not always possible so when searching for wedding cars always follow these 10 golden rules:

1.  Never book the cheapest cost car without viewing it first.  In order to keep hire costs artificially low to gain a booking some lower cost cars can be overworked and under maintained, and this will undoubtedly affect their reliability.  Always ensure the car you view is the actual one that will turn up for you on the day.

Wedding Transport2.  If you find two cars of exactly the same model and colour but one of the cars is a little dearer, always view both.  The difference in vehicle quality and refinements may well be worth the little extra.  Don't think just because it may be a Rolls-Royce it must be fabulous, there are some terrible examples of prestigious cars out there.

3.  Always ask what the car owner would do in event of breakdown on or before the day.  Will they have a comparable replacement available.

4.   If only booking one car, ask if a trip to the church for the Bridesmaids and Brides Mother prior to the Bride is included in the price.

5.  Never take for granted that a business saying it has been established for many years means it is good, unless the current owner has owned and run the business the whole time.  A business is only as good as it's current owner and staff, and a new owner trading on the earlier years of a company name may not be as reliable or as professional as their earlier counterparts.

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6.  Always make sure the company has Wedding Hire insurance and Public Liability Insurance cover.  

7.  It is always advisable to view cars that are over ten years old, but not so important for newer cars.  The best way to do this is to view the car when it is attending a wedding you will then get a better overall picture of the car and standard of service and professionalism provided.

8.  Ask if the car will be attending other weddings in the same day. If so will it have to rush away after a certain time, or will it be attending a wedding before yours, if the latter will the car be fully valeted again before arriving for you.  What will happen if the earlier wedding is running late?

9.  Ask if the Chauffeur has a Full Matching Chauffeurs Uniform, not just an old suit brought out at weekends and a hat that doesn't quite match.  This will tell you straight away if the company is truly professional or not.

10.  Always consider the wedding dress from the access point of view when booking a car.  If you have a full style gown the best vehicles for access are the Vintage and Historic vehicles, however these are always higher priced so if a more Modern or Classic car is chosen then a Long Wheelbase [LWB] vehicle offers a much more spacious area in the back, than it's non LWB versions.

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Many thanks to the Premier Carriage Company of Bournemouth for this Article
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