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The Meanings Of Flowers

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Flowers have always been used for decoration at weddings.

Some people choose the flowers at the wedding on the basis of their symbolic meaning. For example orange blossom has always been associated with weddings because it signifies purity and chastity.

Some brides avoid peonies as they represent shame; azaleas represent temperance: roses symbolise love and snowdrops represent hope.

A combination of red and white flowers is avoided by the superstitious because they stand for blood and bandages.

However, people from different regions may attach other meanings to the same flower. For example lilies symbolise majesty to some but are thought unlucky by others because of their association with death.

The groom often chooses a flower for his buttonhole that is in the bride's bouquet. This is remnant of the time when a Knight would wear his Lady's colours to display his love.

ACACIA (Rose or white) Elegance, friendship

  • ACACIA (yellow) Secret love
  • ALTHEA Consumed by love
  • ALYSSYM (sweet) Excellence beyond beauty, exemplary modesty
  • AMARYLLIS Beautiful, timid, proud
  • AMBROSIA Love returned
  • ANGELICA Inspiration, magic
  • ARBUTUS You only do I love
  • ASMINE (night-blooming) Love's vigil
  • BACHELOR'S BUTTON Devotion, hope, love
  • BABY'S BREATH Pure of heart
  • BLUETS Contentment
  • BRYONY Prosperity
  • CALLA LILY Magnificent beauty
  • CARNATION Fidelity, love
  • CARNATION PINK Woman's love
  • CELANDINE Joys to come
  • CHERRY-BLOSSOM Spiritual beauty
  • CHRYSANTHEMUM (red) I love
  • CHRYSANTHEMUM (white) Truth
  • CLOVER (four-leafed) Be mine
  • CLOVER (white) Think of me
  • DAFFODIL Deceitful, hope, unrequited love, regard
  • DAHLIA Elegance and dignity
  • DAISY (coloured) Beauty
  • DAISY Innocence
  • DOGROSE Pleasure
  • DOGWOOD Forgetfulness, love undiminished by
  • FORGET-ME-NOT Constancy, true love
  • FUCHSIA Confiding love
  • GERANIUM (oak) True friendship
  • GILLYFLOWER Bonds of affection
  • HELIOTROPE Devotion, eagerness, intoxicated with joy
  • HIBISCUS Delicate beauty
  • HOLLY Domestic happiness, foresight
  • HOLLYHOCK Ambition, fruitfulness
  • HONEY-FLOWER Love sweet and secret
  • HONEYSUCKLE (coral) Fidelity, generous and devoted love, affection , Bonds of love
  • HOUSTONIA Contentment
  • HYACINTH Constancy
  • IVY Fidelity, friendship, marriage, wedded love
  • JASMINE (cape) I am too happy
  • JASMINE (yellow) Grace and elegance
  • JASMINE I am too happy
  • LAUREL (ground) Perseverance, token
  • LILAC (purple) Fastidiousness, first love
  • LILAC (white) Youthful innocence
  • LILY (water) Purity of heart
  • LILY (calla) Maiden modesty, beauty
  • LILY (white) Purity and sweetness
  • LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY Perfect purity, return of happiness
  • LINDEN Conjugal love
  • LUPINE (white) Always happy
  • MIGNONETTE Your qualities surpass your charms
  • MUDWORT Happiness, peace
  • NANDINA My love will grow warmer
  • OLIVE Peace
  • ORANGE-BLOSSOM Chastity, eternal love, marriage, bridal festivities
  • PANSY Modesty, pleasant thoughts, think of me
  • PERIWINKLE (white) Harmony, pleasure of memory
  • PINK (double-red) Ardent love
  • PINK (Indian) Always lovely
  • PLUM-BLOSSOM Keep your promises, fidelity
  • POPPY (red) Consolation
  • PYXIE Life is sweet
  • RANUNCULUS I am dazzled by your charms
  • ROSE (Austrian) You are all that is lovely
  • ROSE (bridal) Happy love
  • ROSE (Burgundy) Unconscious beauty
  • ROSE (Jacque Minot) I am true
  • ROSE (moss) Superior, confessions of love
  • ROSE (musk) Capricious beauty
  • ROSE (red) Unity, romantic love
  • ROSE (white) I am worthy of your love, silence, innocent love
  • ROSE (wild) Charming simplicity
  • ROSE Love
  • ROSEBUD (red) Inclined to love, pure and lovely
  • RUE Disdain, fertility
  • SHAMROCK Loyalty
  • SHEPHERD'S PURSE I offer you my all
  • STEPHANOTIS Happiness in marriage
  • STOCK Lasting beauty
  • STONECROP Tranquillity
  • SUNFLOWER (large) You are splendid
  • TULIP (red) Declaration of love
  • TULIP (variegated) Enchantment, your eyes are beautiful
  • TULIP (yellow) Hopeless and perfect love
  • VERONICA Fidelity
  • VIOLET (blue) Faithfulness, love, loyalty
  • WATER LILY Purity of the heart
  • ZINNIA Thoughts of absent friends

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