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Wedding Transport Planning Advice

Whoever you are, you want to travel to your wedding in style on your big day, whether you choose a Rolls Royce, limousine, helicopter or horse drawn carriage.
Traditionally the bride and groom will travel to the wedding venue separately.

Both the Bride and Groom will need transport to ensure they reach their destination.

•  Style of Transport

Most people like to travel in style when it comes to weddings, from the glamorous American stretch limousine, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Daimler; luxury cars are a popular choice. Also, classic, vintage and top of the range executive cars like Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar are favoured by those who want a contemporary touch, while those who are young at heart can go for feisty sports cars, coupes and convertibles like a Ferrari, Lotus, Aston Martin or Porsche.

Romantic individuals who like the idea of tradition may choose an old-fashioned horse drawn carriage but it should be noted that you might need special permission from the council or police in order to use them in public places.
For those who can afford to be go to extravagant lengths, helicopters, small aeroplanes and boat can also be hired. Naturally, these types of transport can only be used by those getting marred in a suitable location, such as open grounds or beside a riverbank.

•  Getting to the Wedding on time

The last thing a bride and groom want to worry about is, having to drive themselves to their own wedding. The vehicle hire company usually supply Chauffeurs that are responsible for the vehicle while it is stationary or moving and transporting you from your home to the venue and then towards your final destination

3. Transport for your Guests

How your guests reach the wedding venue is another issue. Most people can transport themselves to and from the venue. However, those without vehicles or large numbers of family may need another way. There are a large variety of vehicles that can cater for larger wedding parties. The most popular are luxury people carriers, minibuses, coaches or vans. These can accommodate between 6-75 people according to their size and model.

4. Cost

If you, a friend or relative do not own a suitable car your best bet is to hire one from a specialist wedding car hire company as always if you want luxury you are going to have to pay for it.

The cost for a luxury car can be anything from £100-£1,800 per day depending on the make and model and how far it has to be transported to the customer.

Horse drawn carriages range from £300-£600. Vans, minibuses and people carriers can be hired for £50-£250 a day while coaches can cost anything between £100-£400 according to size and seating capacity.

5. Booking

As with other aspects of weddings, the earlier you make your booking the better your chances of the cars that you require being available, Especially if you are getting married in the peak wedding season (May August).

Once you have decided on your transportation requirements contact your preferred company and book the cars you require. It is worthwhile to look around for the best style of transport to suit your theme.

Most transport hire companies will require a deposit (normally 20-50%) and will charge if cancelled without warning, so be absolutely certain of all your details before you book
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