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Why I’m Glad We Got Married Abroad & The Reasons I Would Recommend it to Others

by Emma-Louise 
Two and a half years ago my now husband proposed to me in the most romantic way, with a treasure hunt leading me to our favourite restaurant. It was so beautiful, and I happily said yes and we started planning the wedding pretty much straight away. At the time, we were both working in the local hotel industry, him as a reservations manager and myself as a wedding and events coordinator. Being fully immersed in the industry, it would have been fairly easy to have called in a few favours, and held our wedding in one of the many lovely local hotels and venues Bournemouth has to offer, but instead we decided on a wedding abroad, and picked Santorini as our destination. 
If you’ve never heard of Santorini, it is a fairly small Greek island, with a reputation of being quite high-end, with stunning scenery, and the idyllic white washed walls and blue skies I’ve always dreamed of. So, despite never having been to the island before, we booked up for ourselves and approximately 20 of our closest friends and family for a wedding overlooking the beautiful caldera. Having booked through a third party company based here in the UK, we hoped for a fairly plain sailing planning journey, which unfortunately wasn’t the case. 
After many issues before we flew out, fortunately the actual trip and wedding itself was amazing, and I couldn’t recommend it more (although I would 100% recommend using a different company). The memories, and photos, that we have from Santorini will forever be cherished. Getting married abroad was different to weddings in the UK, but is incredible. These are five reasons I am glad we got married abroad, and why I would recommend it to others considering a destination wedding. 
The Weather 
One of the main concerns when getting married in the UK is the weather. Our lovely British weather can be so unpredictable, as has been proved this year with the unprecedented amount of snow in March, and it is impossible to be able to guarantee good weather, no matter what time of the year you go for. Having worked on weddings with beautiful outdoor ceremony areas, only to be forced to bring the whole thing inside last minute when it started raining, or the wind picked up, I just didn’t want to run the risk of our wedding being affected by the weather. Getting married abroad, especially somewhere like Greece, gave us a strong chance of perfect weather for our special day. In fact, on our actual wedding day, we had the best weather of the entire trip, the slight winds dropped right down, and the sky was a brilliant blue without a cloud in the sky. It was incredible. 
The Photos 
Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some absolutely stunning photos from weddings here in the UK, and some incredibly talented photographers out there who can even make a rainy day look amazing, but the photos from our wedding in Santorini take me back there every time I look at them. We have a canvas in our lounge of one of my favourite shots and it makes me smile just looking at it. There is something totally different about a wedding in another country, that just sets them apart from the rest. 
The Food 
Our wedding menu was traditional greek food. We had an array of canapés followed by a main meal, including dishes which I would never have chosen back in England, but which added to the atmosphere, and tasted delicious. If you are foodies, and want something a little different than the traditional chicken for your wedding breakfast, a wedding abroad opens up a whole world of alternatives. If we hadn’t of got married in Santorini, I would have loved to have gone to Mexico (which is where we are of to for our honeymoon) as both myself and my husband absolutely love Mexican cuisine. 
The Intimacy 
Getting married abroad generally means a smaller number of guests. Although it isn’t unheard of to still have large guest numbers, the venue we got married in had a limit on the number of people, which meant that even if we had of wanted to invite more guests, we wouldn’t have been able to. Although I was originally sad that we weren’t able to invite a lot of people to the wedding, in the end I am glad we couldn’t. Not only would it have started to get incredibly costly, but being strict on numbers meant that we only had those we were very close with in attendance, and it was lovely to be able to properly talk to and celebrate with those who were there. We had a celebration back home for those who couldn’t come, but the actual wedding was lovely and intimate, and looking back I wouldn’t have had it any other way. A destination wedding also helps if you have a lot of family politics, and are pulling your hair out about the guest list, as you have an excuse to only invite those you actually want there. 
The Holiday 
One of the beautiful things about a wedding abroad, is that you are generally there for a few days before and after your wedding, and able to enjoy a break at the same time as getting married. Plus you get to have your close friends and family along with you for the ride. One of my best memories from Santorini was a boat trip we went on, which the majority of our guests came along for. It was such a fun day, and it was so lovely to share the memories with others. I’d been to one other destination wedding before our own, and it is a totally different experience getting married abroad, the guests all get to know each other so much better, and you feel so much closer on the wedding day itself as a result. 
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