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A Pinterest Wedding…

by Lisa from Tiger Lily Occasions
Pinterest is undoubtedly a platform for finding inspiration for many of us, whether it’s the latest hair style, house décor or a tasty recipe. It will come as no surprise therefore that 40 million brides use Pinterest to be inspired when planning their wedding day. With over 900 million pins about weddings every year you certainly won’t be short of options.
Is a Pinterest worthy wedding achievable on your budget? Many brides pin every detail of her dream wedding and present it to a supplier, but when it comes to discussing the budget, the two rarely meet.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all found THE idea, THE perfect thing, THE it must be this, and have all had our hearts set, no negotiations, no if buts or maybes, to be extremely disappointed when it turns out that actually we can’t have it. If you’re anything like us, in sets the “I’m cancelling” “I’m not doing it now” “if I can’t have it I don’t want anything”. This is becoming more and more true because of virtual inspiration boards and social media.

The majority of pins on Pinterest, regardless of the industry it relates, are styled shoots which come with a substantial cost. Added to that is some clever photography and artistic editing. It can be somewhat disheartening when reality is put to us by a wedding professional.

pinterest 1pinterest 2

These two photos are an example of how exactly the same product can look entirely different after being styled and edited for a shoot.

A big factor many brides forget to consider is their wedding venue. Vintage chic and jam jar centrepieces are extremely popular, however put these in the middle of a table in a large 200 person marquee, they may look somewhat lost.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool for getting ideas and being able to show your planner or suppliers the theme you are looking to achieve, but it is important to have realistic expectations.

A great way to make Pinterest work for you is to make notes about the images you have pinned. Is it the colours you like, the style or the choice of flowers? This information along with the image, knowledge of your budget and venue, means a supplier can create a product that works with your theme and is unique to you.



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