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So What Is An Engagement Shoot All About?

by Mark from Atlas Photography

So there seems to a whole lot of confusion around the “engagement shoot”, what it’s for and why you’d bother to have one. It’s a question we hear incredibly often. So here’s a little info from a photographers point of view on why the engagement shoot can actually be one of the most important parts of your wedding photography.

Let’s start with “what is it for”. Well, it has nothing whatsoever to do with taking a picture of you on one knee mid-proposal, or in fact anything at all to do with your engagement in the main. Simply the fact that you’re engaged and not married at the time is the only relevant link to engagement.

What an engagement shoot really is, is a fun and enjoyable test shoot before your big day. Imagine the ceremony on your wedding day when the time comes to head off with your photographer for your couples photos. Nervous, unsure, even petrified are some of the emotions we see the first time we point our cameras at a couple who have never experienced the way we work and what a couples photo shoot really is. For the majority of people, all of these emotions and this nervousness you feel is without a doubt going to reflect in your photos.

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So this is the main reason for the engagement shoot. It’s the chance for you as a couple to head out with your photographer and experience what your wedding day shoot is really going to be like. Every photographer and the way they work is totally different so this is your and their chance to get to know each other a little better, to see how each other works and to ultimately let them show you how easy it is to create some amazing images, and all whilst having some fun.

What any good photographer is there to do, is to provoke interaction between a couple, to entice them to engage together, to probe at those little quirks that make your relationship special and you, and to capture real emotion, passion and to capture those images that really show you both as a couple.

And just remember, engagement photos do not have to all be serious, in fact, we want to see the real you, skipping, singing, laughing and all.



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