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Choosing a Bridal Hair & Make-Up Artist - Helpful Tips

by Caroline from Amazing Face 
After several Brides contacting us this year already who have been let down by poor Hair and Make-Up artists we thought we would write a small blog about the problem. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen this, and this year it seems particularly bad...

Brides you really pay for what you get in our industry, yes we understand you want to save some money completely, but, save on those expensive shoes that go underneath your dress, that don’t really get seen, and pop your money into an experienced, reliable team or professional, that will make you look incredibly incandescent, for those images that are going to last forever...

No one wants to be made to look like they should be going clubbing by someone that was only taught to do a certain high fashion runway style six weeks ago and does it on the whole bridal party including Granny! You need experience, professionalism someone that will turn up, not turn you down because they forgot to book themselves a holiday, had a much bigger bridal party offer or they have a major hangover, yes we’ve heard it all and worse believe us!! So, here are a few helpful tips when choosing your Bridal Hair and Make-Up Artist...

  • Check Availability, the best wedding industry suppliers get booked up 12-18 months in advance, especially during Wedding Season May-Sept. Don’t delay the search for your favourite Bridal Hair and Make-Up Artist and if you like their style in their galleries call them for a chat ask questions!

  • Read Reviews and Testimonials on industry websites and on the Hair Makeup artists’ own website and social media pages, you’ll get an idea of the standard they’ve delivered to previous brides. Really happy brides will rave about a fantastic service so plenty of great testimonials is always a great sign and always a good indicator of a quality service.

  • Ask your friends and colleagues who’ve used a hair and makeup artist before, they love to tell you who was good and who was dreadful.

  • Google the supplier you are looking into, enter their name and see if they’ve appeared in any magazines or online publications, also check on their website whether they have won any industry awards always a good sign.

  • Check out their galleries and look at their technique, do the brides look naturally beautiful or heavily made up? Are there examples of brides of different age groups? Bridal Hair and Make-Up often involves various members, young and old, the more variety that is displayed, the more chance that they have of a good range of skills, dealing with different skin types, ethnic backgrounds, correctional techniques and the difficulties of styles suitable for all age groups.

After all that, don’t delay, if you like them, then book, give them a deposit that will secure your date, show you are committed and then they will be too, organise your trial swiftly then you will know what you are getting and your mind is at rest.

One last thing, if you do contact your supplier and they get back straight away, they are switched on and into their business and looking after you, please give them the courtesy of replying with a yes or no as to if you would like to proceed within a few days, therefore, giving others the chance of your date if you no longer require their services.

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