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Children and Weddings - Making It Work

by David from Entertainers Worldwide™ Ltd 
Where one, two, or ten children are gathered together, the possibility of mayhem is ever present - so if you have young guests attending your wedding, what are your options for keeping things under control? Fingers crossed, the little angels behave themselves, do what they're told and make nice to each other. Alternatively, you can reduce the risk of escalating chaos and consider employing a Children's Entertainer.
Imagine it - a few hours respite from all the running, shouting, balloon popping and fisticuffs. The children have some focussed fun with their Entertainer, the parents get a breather and your party stays on track. If you're looking for inspiration, along with some of the great entertainment ideas we list in our supplier directory - here are a few ideas that might strike the right note for your Wedding Party.
Children's Magician
Your little urchins will be completely entranced by their own Magician. A Children's Magician is adept at showing children tricks, games and puzzles. Their skills enable them to perform their magical tricks up close, so there is a real sense of anticipation and mystery for the children - they'll love trying to get to the bottom of just how those magical tricks work. A good Magician will make the children feel comfortable, and encourage them to co-operate with other members of the audience, so it's great for team building! Take a look at the range of performers out there, many of who can do ventriloquism too - always a winner. A couple of hours will fly by - so for child-sized conundrums, puzzles and enigmas – booking a Children's Magician for a wedding is a great way to keep youngsters spellbound.
Bubble Technician
Working with bubbles has children hooked from the first waft of the bubble wand! Most children will have seen or used a little bottle of bubble liquid, but the bubbles created by a technician, aka Buggleologists, are giant sized. Imagine how much fun they will have when they have their own bubble big enough to stand in - it's got to be seen to be believed! A bubble performer will teach the children how to create giant bubbles themselves, so it's interactive and informative as well as fun. The soap mixture is quite strong - so your technician will create bubbles that bounce, or blow bubbles inside other bubbles and then fill them with smoke! There is usually background music that the children will know, and if you want evidence of those fantastic bubbles, your technician can arrange for photographs to be taken, and sent onto your guests in their own personalised frame. The technician will bring a floor covering so there won't be any soapy water to clear up. All they need is a draft-free spot to work in and some children to keep happy! Check out Bubble Performers available to book near you here.

Puppeteers Take The Centre Stage
If you looking for something that encourages children to sit still for a while, what about a Puppeteer? Your Puppet Artist will bring everything for the show - they'll have a beautiful theatre as the focus point, puppets, music and interactive games and songs - as well as some speedy face painting if you're lucky! Children react well to puppets and it doesn't take much imagination for them to see these colourful and cuddly creatures as living things - they make real attachments to the characters in the story. Your Puppeteer will know how to pitch their act, depending on the age of the group. It takes real skill and empathy to work with very young children, but a Puppeteer understands what children respond well to - and they'll be absolutely captivated in minutes. Perfect entertainment during the speeches!
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