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From Mine To 'Mine' - A Guide

We all know the worth of a diamond. A beautiful, sparkling and precious stone that has become a symbol of love and commitment for millions of couples around the world. But how much do you really know about diamonds? Picking out the perfect engagement ring is going to be one of the most memorable moments of your life. Remember colour, clarity, carat and cut.

What is an On the Day Wedding Co-ordinator?

by Natasha from Tasha-Mae

Your partner has just got down on one knee and asked you the most romantic question you could wish to hear…

Will you Marry Me?

Amongst tears of happiness you reply ‘Yes’.

Once the excitement has set in you start to ask yourself… ‘So, what do we do now?’

So What Is An Engagement Shoot All About?

by Mark from Atlas Photography

So there seems to a whole lot of confusion around the “engagement shoot”, what it’s for and why you’d bother to have one. It’s a question we hear incredibly often. So here’s a little info from a photographers point of view on why the engagement shoot can actually be one of the most important parts of your wedding photography.

A Pinterest Wedding…

by Lisa from Tiger Lily Occasions
Pinterest is undoubtedly a platform for finding inspiration for many of us, whether it’s the latest hair style, house décor or a tasty recipe. It will come as no surprise therefore that 40 million brides use Pinterest to be inspired when planning their wedding day. With over 900 million pins about weddings every year you certainly won’t be short of options.

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